• Bauhaus Stream II Toilet Review

    As negative reviews don’t seem to get published, I thought I would publicise my experiences with the Bauhaus Stream II Toilet seat here, which is also known as the Axa One. These are my opinions about the toilet seat and a record of my experiences with their customer services, and should be read as such.

    Bauhaus Stream 2

    It’s a nice looking toilet, but in my experience has a design flaw which means I had to get a new seat every six months.

    Soft Close Breaks After 6 months

    The material around the part of the seat which is pressured when the soft close kicks in is too thin.   It broke after six months each time.   Here’s a photo of where the first one broke:

    First lid

    And here’s the second one:

    second break

    Both times it broke in the same place.

    And here’s a view showing the weak area:


    The soft close is only set up on the left hand side, the right hand side is a circular hole which does not engage the soft close hinge.  So, all of the pressure is put onto the thin piece of plastic on the left hand side of the seat, which is what eventually snapped off in both cases.

    Other soft close lids that I have looked at both have much thicker plastic around the soft close, and have the hinges engage on both sides to halve the pressure.

    Guarantee wasn’t honoured

    Although I thought I was getting a 15 year guarantee, the small print says 12 months for the toilet seat.  The guarantee says “This guarantee does not cover damage during fitting or misuse.”.   However, there is no definition of misuse, and (as you can read below) they will not provide one.

    When I contacted Bauhaus (or rather Crosswater Holdings, their parent company) when the lid broke for the first time, I sent them a photo of the break.   They told me that I had been misusing the toilet lid, and so they would not honour the guarantee.   When asked what they meant by misuse, they said that I had been forcing the seat closed.  This was untrue. Even without seeing the seat they were adamant that they would not replace it under the guarantee.

    When I emailed the CEO, Richard Geldard, they agreed to replace the toilet seat.  If you’re looking for his email address to do the same, the format of their email addresses seems to be firstname.lastname@crosswater-holdings.co.uk.

    I then installed the second toilet seat as described in the instructions, and spent six months treating it with kid gloves – gently lowering the seat.  Again, six months later it broke.   When I emailed them again about it they said:

    …not authorised to send out replacement products without the original one being tested. We can offer a 50% discount on a new purchase, then collect the damaged one to inspect for manufacturing faults, a credit would then be issued if it was found to be faulty.

    Toilet seats will usually crack if there has been force placed upon them whilst closing; the hinges cannot travel any faster than they are designed, so if the seat is pushed against them then it will crack

    Due to my prior experience with them, I suspect that they will class it as misuse.

    Instructions for use are unrealistic

    When I asked for instructions for use to avoid it breaking, I was told:

    To be on the safe side, I’d suggest gently lowering the seat until the soft close mechanism starts, rather than pushing it from the start.

    What I took this as meaning is that you have to gently lower the seat until you feel the soft close kick in, and then release it for the soft close.   To me, these instructions are not rooted in real world usage.

    They said that:

    these seats were stress tested in the factories.

    It would appear from my experience that they are not robust.   I would advise against buying one!

    Please let me know below if you have had similar experiences with them.

    I have managed to replace the toilet seat with an alternative – please see the replacement seat page for more details.  Good luck!

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