As negative reviews don’t seem to get published, I thought I would publicise my experiences with the Bauhaus Stream II Toilet seat here, which is also known as the Axa One. These are my opinions about the toilet seat and a record of my experiences with their customer services, and should be read as such.

Bauhaus Stream 2

It’s a nice looking toilet, but in my experience has a design flaw which means I had to get a new seat every six months.

Soft Close Breaks After 6 months

The material around the part of the seat which is pressured when the soft close kicks in is too thin.   It broke after six months each time.   Here’s a photo of where the first one broke:

First lid

And here’s the second one:

second break

Both times it broke in the same place.

And here’s a view showing the weak area:


The soft close is only set up on the left hand side, the right hand side is a circular hole which does not engage the soft close hinge.  So, all of the pressure is put onto the thin piece of plastic on the left hand side of the seat, which is what eventually snapped off in both cases.

Other soft close lids that I have looked at both have much thicker plastic around the soft close, and have the hinges engage on both sides to halve the pressure.

Guarantee wasn’t honoured

Although I thought I was getting a 15 year guarantee, the small print says 12 months for the toilet seat.  The guarantee says “This guarantee does not cover damage during fitting or misuse.”.   However, there is no definition of misuse, and (as you can read below) they will not provide one.

When I contacted Bauhaus (or rather Crosswater Holdings, their parent company) when the lid broke for the first time, I sent them a photo of the break.   They told me that I had been misusing the toilet lid, and so they would not honour the guarantee.   When asked what they meant by misuse, they said that I had been forcing the seat closed.  This was untrue. Even without seeing the seat they were adamant that they would not replace it under the guarantee.

When I emailed the CEO, Richard Geldard, they agreed to replace the toilet seat.  If you’re looking for his email address to do the same, the format of their email addresses seems to be

I then installed the second toilet seat as described in the instructions, and spent six months treating it with kid gloves – gently lowering the seat.  Again, six months later it broke.   When I emailed them again about it they said:

…not authorised to send out replacement products without the original one being tested. We can offer a 50% discount on a new purchase, then collect the damaged one to inspect for manufacturing faults, a credit would then be issued if it was found to be faulty.

Toilet seats will usually crack if there has been force placed upon them whilst closing; the hinges cannot travel any faster than they are designed, so if the seat is pushed against them then it will crack

Due to my prior experience with them, I suspect that they will class it as misuse.

Instructions for use are unrealistic

When I asked for instructions for use to avoid it breaking, I was told:

To be on the safe side, I’d suggest gently lowering the seat until the soft close mechanism starts, rather than pushing it from the start.

What I took this as meaning is that you have to gently lower the seat until you feel the soft close kick in, and then release it for the soft close.   To me, these instructions are not rooted in real world usage.

They said that:

these seats were stress tested in the factories.

It would appear from my experience that they are not robust.   I would advise against buying one!

Please let me know below if you have had similar experiences with them.

I have managed to replace the toilet seat with an alternative – please see the replacement seat page for more details.  Good luck!

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  1. Thank you taking the time to create this site. I have had exactly the same problem. I have had two seats fail in same place in the same period of time. I have also had the same experience when trying to deal with Crosswater. They insist it must have been the fitting and take no responsibility. Again they will offer me a 50% discount, but I am very loathed to pay them anymore money for what is clearly a product design issue.
    Armed with the details you have put on the site I am going to get back to them. I would be interested to know how many other people have also been in touch with the same issue ?

  2. I have exactly the same problem, there must be loads of people out there with this happening what is really annoying is that the fitting system won’t allow me to fit another seat. I now have no toilet seat as I refuse to pay out another £100 for a another new seat. Something should be done about it, they are selling a product that is not it for use.

  3. Same thing happened to me tonight – plastic broken in exactly the same place after 9 months. I have contacted the retailer to see what they say before contacting Crosswater if I don’t get any joy there. Nice looking product but rubbish quality. I wonder if any of the third party manufactured replacements might be of a better quality than the original?

  4. an update to my situation. I contacted the managing director of Crosswater who wanted to know whether the seat had been subject to bad fitting or incorrect operation before honouring the warrantee. In order to do this he gave me the option of paying him for a new seat at “half the trade price” which he said was £85 and to send him the broken seat so they could “test” it to see if I had misused it at which point if their tests proved negative they would refund the £85. This is obvious BS and he had no intention of ever refunding the money. It is just appalling customer service and a shoddy way to treat people who have bought a defective luxury product. I’d rather suffer a broken seat than pay them any more money.

  5. Just to add – if I can buy a new seat online at £105 how can “half the trade price” be £85???

  6. Same issue here – bauhaus stream 2 soft close toilet seat supplied with the toilet 15 months ago; it is fitted in a downstairs cloaks and is only used occasionally; it has just broken and I came across this site whilst pricing up a new seat!

    1. I installed the toilet myself in August of last year (15 months ago), and have suffered gradual deterioration of the hinge on the left hand side over the last few months. At first, I thought that the bolts holding the seat onto the pan had slipped, but on inspection I found that a small piece had cracked off. I was able to move the seat slightly to the left so that the soft-close function worked again. However, the seat has failed this evening in exactly the manner described above.

      The seat was fitted exactly in accordance with the instructions, it has not been cleaned with aggressive cleaning products, and it has not been ‘misused’. We have other toilets in the house (Roca) that were fitted at the same time, and not suffered any issues with those.

      I will be contacting my supplier to pursue a replacement through them, and let you know how I get on.

  7. We have been dealing with the same issue for the last 18 months – what a disaster!! Unfortunately, we have 2 of the toilets installed in our house. I can’t imagine how reputable retailers can continue selling this type of product. £100 for something that is going to break every six 6 months. We are at wit’s end and are almost at the point where we need to fit new toilets. Please let us know if you have any other solution.

  8. Ours broke after six months. Prior to that the hinges continually came lose and the seat fell off every week. Poor quality product.

  9. We’ve had an issue with the soft close no longer working but the real issue is that they’re simply not comfortable to sit on! Does anyone know of a more comfortable seat that can fit on these toilets?

  10. I have had problems with this seat too! We are now on our second one as the first one developed a crack and the current one has broken just like the others with the soft close. With the first one cracking I was told that I wasn’t cleaning it properly!!! Lucky the retailer I bought the seat through resolved it for me. This current one I am not even going to put myself through the poor poor customer service that Crosswater/Bauhaus offer. So please if anyone knows of an alternative make seat that will fit this toilet do let me know.

    1. The soft close mechanism is no longer working on the lid part of the seat. Trying to locate somewhere in Sussex to buy a new seat?

    2. Is this a joke? I bought this toilet in 2012 and am now on my third broken seat. I have gone backwards and forwards with Crosswater in an email ping pong which results in them telling me I have misused the seat. Really? I am now looking into replacing the whole toilet providing I can find one which will fit onto the cistern already in place. This will work out cheaper in the long run as spending £110 every 9 months on a designer bog is pathetically stupid, especially when you couple it with the world’s most cynical and disgusting customer service. Blaming customers for a what is clearly a design fault is not the way to go. Just to let everyone know, Crosswater are very happy to hear from customers that have spent a small fortune on their crappy piece of plastic but they are not happy to honour the warrantee and are particularly smug about making out that is it misuse that causes the seats to break. Having had 3 of these I nursed number 2 and 3 from day one, making absolutely sure to support its poor weak hinge as I closed it every time, yet still they all broke in exactly the way described many times here. Just redesign the seat Bauhaus/Crosswater. Don’t lie to us and tell us you’re happy to resolve our issues – nothing is resolved and you have no intention of doing so. I have emails to and from the MD to prove as much.

  11. My toilet seat broke in the same place , retailer would not replace it so am left with a broken toilet seat .
    I will not replace it because of the cost .
    This is a poor quality product do not buy one .
    If anyone knows of a cheaper replacement please let me know.

  12. We have two toilets installed in 2012 with these seat covers, both have broken left hand hinges and before discovering this site I have purchased three replacement seats. Evidently the fittings are not fit for purchase and and any suggestions that they have been misused are clearly misrepresenting the consequences of a poor design detail. Either the seats need strengthening by the manufacturer advise provided on how the closer can be slackened to reduce the torsional load applied to the hinge. Has anyone discovered if or how this can be done? I can see no evidence from the comments left here that the manufacturer has taken any steps to investigate or resolve the problem.

    1. Hi Dave,
      I spoke to the manufacturer at length about how it could be done before installing my second seat, but the instructions didn’t work. It broke in exactly the same place as before. I’m fairly sure it is a manufacturing defect.

  13. 8th January 2015 I
    I am in a slightly different situation as I purchased this house which had Bauhaus equipment in the bathroom sinks shower & WC
    This has been used for the last 6 months and yes I have experienced exactly the same as the other people have reported that the left hand side of the toilet seat cracking which unfortunately now we cannot use that WC
    It does seem ironic and I feel that the company must realise and has been a design fault with this product
    I am now hopefully getting in touch with the technical department to see if there is any solution
    Bob Sullivan

  14. Strange I know…. but at least I now know I am not alone in suffering this problem. We had ours installed a couple of years ago, initially very pleased with it, but then just like everyone else the problems started. We are on our 2 seat/lid which has now failed in exactly the same way (as our first one did), with the discovery one day of the broken piece of plastic lying on the toilet pan. I too shall be contacting their technical department and if i do not get a satisfactory response, then I shall be in contact with trading standards immediately.

  15. Thank you very much for your helpful comments. We were about to order one of these toilets for a house we are building so thank you for the warnings. We will be buying another brand instead. For the money these toilets cost you would have though the manufacturer would modify the design and provide a free replacement.

  16. Thank you for starting this post.

    I have had exactly the same problem.

    First, it is not a comfortable seat

    Second, I have had 2 seats and they both broke in the same manner within weeks of fitting. I am busy and bought on line so have not complain to manufacturer. It seems a waste of time from the comments above.

    Third, it is a non standard fitting so no alternatives.

    I would like to hear from Bauhaus on this site that they are dealing with the technical problem and will produce a seat that works as it should. I have already spent over £200 just for a seats and that is ludicrous. I would not buy the brand again as they have had years to correct it and appear to have done nothing.

  17. Should any consumer experience difficulties with their Stream II Seats, or any other Bauhaus product; Crosswater / Bauhaus would be very happy to hear from you, and we will help you resolve your issues. Bauhaus Technical Department can be reached on 01322 473803, or by e-mail at

    1. For years people have been writing to Bauhaus and complaining about exactly the same problem. Would it not be more beneficial to the company to design a sturdier seat and replace all those faulty ones? Think of the benefit it would do to the good name of Bauhaus and the Customer Service. People buy from John Lewis because of their excellent Customer Service. Learn something about business Bauhaus or go down the pan!

  18. I am now on my third Bauhaus seat. The soft close packed up on my first one and the plastic buffer feet had split. To be fair me second seat cracked when I dropped a shelf on it but I was still surprised that it cracked so easily. Luckily I saved to buffer feet from this one as the feet are now split on my third seat. I have searched the internet and am unable to find replacements should these fail as well. I run a rubber company and may remanufacture some quality rubber ones if any one else needs the feet in a better material let me know. I am very very disappointed in the quality of these seats especially when they are very expensive compared with other manufacturers.

  19. Hi,

    We have available the standard seat which you shouldn’t have this problem with. I am unaware of a weak point on this seat at the hinge as we know there have been 1000’s of these toilets sold across the UK.

    If you visit our site you can view the replacement seats and also the buffers are available on there as well, any issues then you can email us and we will be happy to help

  20. I’ve the same problem as well on the Bahaus touch on two pans – split feet and soft close stopped working – have emailed Crosswater – will see what happens

  21. Crumbs I was just about to order five of these toilets along with various other items including a vanity units and basins. I may say this has rather put me off. Back to the drawing board. Good luck with your faults.

    1. Hi Sam
      We have other Bauhaus items in our cloakroom that we are really pleased with. It seems the toilet seat is the only problem as with lots of other people

  22. I have justo ordered four of these and am really worried!! Is it that everyone is having problems with only the “soft close” seat? (these are the ones I have ordered) … has anyone experienced problems with the ordinary seat (i.e. not “soft closing”)???? Please let me know before I have mine installed – thnx, thnx, thnx – Janie

    1. Hi Janie,

      It’s only a problem with the soft close seats, so if you have ordered ordinary ones you will be fine. I’m not sure how many people have the problem, though from this website it seems quite common.

  23. Just to add, this is an ongoing saga. Our second replacement, fitted in an en suite, has just cracked in the same place as the first – which works out at a new seat every year. Two other older soft close seats of different manufacture fitted in family bathroom and cloakroom are fine despite having far more frequent use. Recompense should rest with suppliers but having sent photographs, they are in total denial – it’s all our fault apparently! Have now ordered a Duravit seat on recommendatioon of this post. Will update if that gives problems. Overall, I would not recommend anyone to buy Balhaus seats, though the ceramics are fine.

  24. I have the same problem and Bauhaus won’t change the toilet seats for us. However, they gave me some new hinges. Doesn’t really help when the toilet seat fixings have broken. Even the dampners below the seat have broken. We have certainly not misused the toilet as usually no one can be bothered to either lift the seat up or move it down.

  25. Great website.
    I was just about to purchase the Bauhaus stream 2 close coupled toilet and stumbled on this site.
    I will now look for an alternative toilet manufacturer as this product is clearly not fit for purpose.
    Thanks for taking the time to let the general public know of the inherent fault.

  26. I have had exactly the same problem with the seat breaking. Having read all of the above, I am just going to order the Duravit seat and make sure that I don’t buy any more Bauhaus products. It broke about 6 months after we had it installed and since then (it is in an en-suite bathroom that is hardly used) we have just been sitting on eggshells!

  27. This site has potentially saved me a great deal of money and frustration. I was in the process of ordering the Bauhaus Stream II Toilet with soft close seat when I stumbled on the quite horrifying accounts of faulty design, poor quality and evasive customer “service”. The unit looked attractive in the catalogue, but I did not bargain on a seat which is uncomfortable and breaks every six months. Considering also the worthless guarantee, I have decided to look elsewhere. Thank you so much for the warnings.

  28. I am having the same problems with my Bauhaus/Crosswater seat and will investigate replacing with the Duravit. My only concern is that the fitting on the Duravit is 270mm bug it looks like the Bauhaus has a 250mm fitting.

    1. Phil, Did you manage to fit a Duravit seat to the Bauhaus Stream II unit? As you’ve pointed out the dimensions don’t seem compatible.

  29. Hi. Spent a small fortune with Crosswater on our new ensuite and the seat has cracked it the same place as everybody else. In contrast my other bathroom with another well known brand which is used by a heavy handed toddler has lasted with no issues for 3 years so far.

    Very disappointed. Will be calling their technical department tomorrow to see if they blame me….

  30. I have just moved into my new home with luxury bathroom and on the very first day the toilet seat broke just as described. I have been trying lots of fancy bathroom shops who say they dont stock these anymore and who are unwilling to help me. Turning business away???? Now I know why. I will take your advice and cut my losses and order the Duravit seat.

  31. Thank goodness I too came across this site as I was about to order the soft close seat Bauhaus Stream II Toilet. I’m buying a completely different make now Even if the other seat has no problems why give them your money when by all accounts the after sales service is appalling. Thank you for all of these comments.

  32. Thanks for these reviews. I had just ordered Crosswater toilets and bathroom furniture for 6 bathrooms. I just cancelled the whole 30k order andgone with Duravit instead.

  33. Thanks for all the posts…. I was about to order this WC and other matching items but will look for another manufacturer.

  34. This page is doing great on a Google search. @Bauhaus … it would have been cheaper to just recall the one product and thank your customers for the valuable feedback. But now your whole brand is in question.

  35. Hi,
    Thank you for leaving these reviews. I had the Bauhaus Touch fitted to our 3 bathrooms and none of the seats lasted more ten months. They became yellow , the dampeners broke and the soft closing system did not work anymore. After taking it with Richard Gelder (customer care manager) he is delaying my complaint of a design flaw and quality issue as much as he can. No problem here for now.
    However, I am prepared to go all the way to Court if they do not replace the seats. Would anyone here be kind enough to supply details/evidence if I need extra evidence to back up my claim?
    Many thanks,

    1. I would be more than happy to supply details of my correspondence with them, and I think a few others on here would too

      1. Hello, I have had exactly the same problems as detailed above, the second seat in 11 months lasted 6 weeks. Editor, can you please supply details of your correspondence as I now have a beautiful new bathroom with a toilet seat lid kicking around the floor.

  36. Brilliant idea for the website. I already have one Stream II and agree about the flimsy design of the soft close (only the lid still soft closes), but I didn’t realize other people have had worse experiences with it.

    I was about to buy a second, but after reading this I’ll choose something else…

    I too have had problems with Crosswater support in the past, so another reason to look elsewhere.

  37. Thank you so much to all who have left comments on this site. Again, I stumbled across it prior to ordering a whole Bauhaus suite for a main bathroom, I will now change to another manufacturer.
    Disappointing Bauhaus on what are expensive products.
    We all get things wrong from time to time but it’s the recognition and management of the problem that make things right again.

  38. Crosswater (and Bauhaus, which is a brand of Crosswater) don’t manufacture. They import from various sources and distribute in the UK. Therefore they won’t have much understanding of how to design a product. These are the things UK customers don’t appreciate – buying from ‘brands’ is very different from buying from true manufacturers. Manufacturers incur a lot of cost in research and development that they have to recover with an increased price. ‘Brands’ don’t have to worry about these costs, as they buy typically from low cost manufacturers abroad who don’t spend this kind of costs nor understand how products truly work – they usually rip off designs from Western manufacturers.

    Of course, UK customers just want a cheap bog…

  39. “Snap” so to say… mine’s gone too – thanks for the web page, glad I found it before spending £155 which I was quoted for a replacement.

  40. Hi Guys.
    This may help.
    Firstly as far as I am aware there are 2 soft closers one operates with the lid the other with the seat. They are not usually replaceable or never used to be.
    A starck 3 seat has totally unique seat hole centres of 270mm. I dont know of any other brand or make to have such centres. I do now however and presume the stream 2 has such centres.
    Seats are mainly manufactured using powdered plastic. This is injected into the mould and heated. Of course there are powdered plastics and powdered plastics.
    Laufen used to have real problems with their soft close seats which forced us in a previous life to go and get our own seats made. The soft closers are changable. ( not easy but can be done ) and the plastics come from Italy. The normal cause of seat breakages is standing on them. People do it to change light bulbs etc and the seat or lid will crack. I have never sean a seat fail around the hinges.I have however seen the seat pins fail.
    Where is all this going. We make a seat for starck 3 it may help you out.
    You may also wish to go to this link.

    This relates to a vitra pan I had at home but the problems exist with all pans and seats. It may help you.

    Oh one last thing is that if you consider ordering one of our starck 3 seats they dont come with any blind hole fixings as duravit fit these at point of manufacture. So you need to add the blind hole fixing plugs to your order.

    Lastly crosswater was founded by one of the nicest guys in our industry, a genuine person I guess that as more people become involved the more difficult it becomes to control everything.

    Best of luck

  41. I’ve just found this website and realise that the fractures and failure of soft-close mechanism I’ve experienced with our Bauhaus Stream II are widespread. It’s a design defect which in my opinion makes the product not ‘of merchantable quality’. I raised this with Mr Richard Geldard back in June 2014 and received the same responses as others mentioned here…i.e. being heavy-handed, not fitted correctly etc.etc. I’m delighted to learn that an alternative is available and will order one now.

  42. I’ve encountered similar issues with duravit soft close toilet seats. In the end I disabled the soft close mechanism leaving us with a manual close but ultimately more reliable toilet seat.

  43. I have only just discovered this blog. I have had this WC from 2010, and I have just ordered my fourth seat as each of the previous ones have failed on the left hand hinge. Eventually, I removed the friction washer which controls the descent of the seat. This has worked for a couple of years, but now the yellowing issue has driven my wife (and bleach administrator) to insist on a replacement.
    Along the way, I have too been told by Crosswater that I have not closed the lid correctly (how many ways are there of doing it!) and that the 15 year guarantee never actually works in real life. I even did a stress analysis and images to show and prove that the design and material had major weaknesses, but I did not even get a response to that. Just bought a new one for £110 from

  44. I have to say, that, as a retailer of this product, I find it very difficult to understand why many of you have had problems. I have just spoken to Bauhaus regarding this seat as i have a customer who has had the same issue as you all, however, hers has lasted 4 years. They are replacing it free of charge no questions and this replacement will be with me within a few days.
    As a retailer of quality bathroom products, I have problems with soft close toilets sometimes and have had a problem with my own at home.
    You all should be aware that soft close toilets are designed to soft close and should NEVER be forced shut. I realize that sometimes this is inevitable, but they are designed to soft close and if the seat/lid is ever forced shut then this can cause the hinges to break.
    The other problem is with bleach.
    You should never ever use bleach or any product with bleach in it to clean your toilet seat and if you put bleach down the toilet you should ensure that the toilet seat and lid are stored in the open position until the bleach can be flushed away. The fumes from the bleach cause damage to both the hinges and the soft close mechanism and also turn the toilet seat yellow as the seat is coloured white and bleaching it will return it to the natural yellowy colour of the material.
    Having had my initial seat at home replaced and thereafter being very careful to follow the above instruction I have never had a problem since, but I don’t think that customers are always given this instruction when they purchase a toilet or the option to go for a normal seat and not a soft-close.
    Hope this helps

  45. Thanks everyone! I was about to purchase this product today and came across this site. I’m delighted I did as I’ll certainly be looking at other products and not a Bauhaus. All credit to the original author.

  46. I’ve just bought a replacement from Builder Depot online for £75. I originally bought the alternative one mentioned in your post but wife didn’t like the shape of it (it’s slightly raised at the front).
    The new Bauhaus seat has been redesigned and the soft close fitting seems a lot sturdier now. I’ve had two seat previously which both broke within 6 months so time will tell whether this redesigned one is any better

  47. Rubbish, Rubbish, Rubbish. So glad it isn’t only me. I’ve had to buy 4 replacement seats and the customer service from Crosswater is also Rubbish, Rubbish, Rubbish !!!

  48. Has anyone had problems with flush water not reaching the front? Would really appreciate any help. I just got one installed and the water is not reaching up to the front of the bowl.

      1. Many thanks, I will get in touch with Crosswater and see what they say, I wish I have read the reviews before buying and installing with a soft close seat 🙁

  49. Can someone send me a video of this particular toilet flushing please. Crosswater is telling me gibberish cos I think there is a fault in the molding on one side under the rim of the particular one I received and they are trying to brush it off as that is normal.

    1. Hi JP,
      Did this ever get resolved? My toilet has never flushed properly either. Like yours, the water doesn’t wash around the front of the bowl.

  50. I have just had a wild and rimless wall mounted toilet installed and am horrified at the unhygienic standard of the toilet. Every single time someone goes for wee, there is quiet a bit of splash back under the toilet seat and the flush water does not reach the top to wash of any wee drops from the top of the pan. The flush water however, does splash about a lot and leaves lots of dirty water droplets on the closed lid. It is the worst and most unhygienic toilet I have ever used. I wish I hadn’t bought it. In touch with cross water to see what they say about all this.

  51. I’m lucky… mine waited for over a year before it broke. Bad design, which they have known about and have done nothing to rectify.

  52. We’ve been lucky in as much as our original toilet seat lasted for almost 5 years, but eventually it broke in exactly the same place; the left hand hinge. I just bought a replacement seat, costing £80, which was a bit of a nightmare to fit as I couldn’t screw the fittings in with the seat attached, as suggested in the instructions, as the screws end up positioned underneath the lid; so I had to keep releasing the seat and repositioning, before I could finally screw them down. The quick release mechanism is now stuck and I now cannot release the toilet seat at all, in order to put the fitting covers on! If anyone has any advice about releasing jammed release mechanisms, I’d be very grateful.
    I was also interested to read comments about the problems with flushing. Our toilet has never flushed properly; the water does not wash around the front of the bowl.
    This toilet was fitted by a builder who bought it from his own supplier, when fitting our bathroom. At the same time we bought a different toilet for our en-suite, online, which we have never had any problems with. I now wish I had been more insistent about having our choice of toilet in our main bathroom too!

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