I finally found a replacement for the Stream 2 toilet seat – it’s the Duravit Starck 3 toilet seat.   You can find it on Duravit’s website here, and in case it moves the product code is #0006389.   It even turned out cheaper than a replacement Bauhaus Stream 2 seat.  Even better!

You will also need to buy two M6 6×80 bolts (I used roofing bolts, which worked fine):


These are the same thread as the screws which secure the Stream 2 cover, but will allow you to bolt the Duravit seat in place using the existing fixings.

To unscrew the fixings from above, use a spanner to unscrew them anti-clockwise.   The bolts are quite long, and have a rectangular washer on the other end which keeps the bolt in place.  They look like this, but the bolts are longer:


If you have trouble unscrewing them (if the bolt is just turning but it’s not getting any looser), try a bit of WD40 and then pull the washer on top up while you’re unscrewing, which will make the nut bite into the washer underneath, and stop the nut rotating.

Once you’ve got 1.5 – 2cm’s gap, you can wiggle the bolt around until the washer goes nearly vertical, and then the whole thing will slide out.

Now, to fit the Duravit toilet seat, follow their instructions but use your new bolts and the old rectangular washer and matching nut.   This is what the finished product looks like:



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  1. Thank you so much. Bought the seat and followed instructions. Works a treat and looks great. Many thanks. Can finally through away that rubbish Bauhaus/Crosswater one !

  2. Thanks so much for all your advice. I’ve bought the replacement Duravit Starck Seat and I’m having a nightmare trying to get the bolt and washer out! Any tips on how to do it?

    1. Hi Rachel,
      From what I can remember, you need to lift the seat as you unscrew it. The washer / nut need to be held tight to the underside of the hole in the toilet so that they don’t spin when you’re undoing it. Then, when you’ve unscrewed it a bit you can let the seat drop and try to get the washer to swing to the vertical so you can pull it out through the hole in the toilet. It you unscrew the bolt too much, then the nut and washer will drop off the end into the depths of the inside of the toilet – so be careful!
      Hope this makes sense…

      1. I had a problem as described here. I unscrew the bolt too much, then the nut and the washer dropped off the end into the depths of the inside of the toilet. What can be done to get it back?

  3. Hello,
    Thanks very much for the information, I’ve bought and fitted a Duravit Stark 3 seat. Easy to fit, well made, stronger than the original, much more comfortable to sit on and cheaper too.

  4. Hello
    Thank you so much for creating this site, very helpful

    Do you have to remove the toilet from the wall in order to attached the new bolts and then the new seat?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Rohit. No – you don’t need to remove the toilet from the wall – it can all be done with the toilet in place.

  5. Brilliant replacement – much better than the original overpriced Bauhaus Stream II which failed miserably. Many thanks for this really helpful advice. David

  6. Hi,
    My toilet seat is secured with an allen key in an L shaped fitting. I don’t see any bolts? Am I missing something? Don’t want to order the wrong thing.

    Thanks for your help,

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Sorry it took me so long to reply; your message had ended up in my spam folder. From memory, you give the seat a tug and it reveals the two bolts as above, the L shaped parts only hold the lid in place. sorry not to be more helpful, it’s been a while since I made the change

  7. Thanks very much. Have you noticed any yellowing of the underside of the seat? This happened big time with our Bauhaus one which is really annoying at that price. You’d think they could come up with a finish that would stay white.

      1. I eventually got round to doing this today, after 4 years! Talk about procrastination! Anyway, it worked fine. I had trouble getting the long washer out, (I wish I’d read the contributor who suggested using an uncurled paper clip to get it in the right position) and eventually it did indeed drop into the bowl. Fortunately, both of them dropped out the bottom of the toilet onto the floor, much to my relief! It looks great although it’s quite tricky getting it all lined up before tightening.
        Thanks again for creating this page to help others!

  8. I have had exactly the same problem with bauhaus seat. I have now purchased the duravit starck 3 seat, im a little confused about fitting with the existing fixtures, could you explain that to me again please. Its the 1st time ill be attempting to replace a toilet seat, so as simple as possible. Just want to say thanks for going to all the hassle, you’ve saved me a lot of money otheriwse i would have kept on purchasing the same seat over the years.

  9. Thought I should post this in case anyone else finds they are in same boat (Stephen W above?). Make sure you check the seat for breakage point as it may be that your seat just needs adjusted. I too have the L shaped bolts and my cover lid soft close stopped working, although seat soft close still functioning. After ordering a Duravit replacement I started to remove the Bauhaus. On doing so noticed the L shaped bolt was barely catching the soft.close fitting. By loosening both sides, shifting to right and re-tightening Allen key, both lids again closing softly.
    Still looks like too much strain on one side but time will tell I suppose. Now just need to send back replacement.



  10. This is why the internet is great.
    I used a bent paper clip to encourage the rectangular washer to tilt which made getting them out pretty easy.

  11. Does this problem effect the seat for the Bauhuas Edge too and does anyone know of a seat that fits this model too please ?

    1. Hi Allan. I’m afraid I don’t know whether the Bauhaus Edge has the same problem as well – sorry.

  12. bought the replacement seat but cannot get the bolts out as they are completely rusted. any ideas on how to do it.
    We are thinking of sawing it out if the wd40 does not help. Any ideas or clues.


    1. Hi Beatrice. Personally I would go for persistent WD40’ing – it’s magic stuff. As long as you can get the nut out you’ll be fine, but unless you can get round the back of the pan I think it would be very difficult to find them, once they’ve fallen inside the void in the back of the pan.

  13. This site is a lifesaver. Just ordered the Duravit replacement – despite my other half’s scorn for Philippe Starck’s designs, it can’t be as bad as the Bauhaus/Axa seat.

    Thank you very much, fellow seat sufferers!

  14. Beware the Durivit seat too @ more than £100!! Ours lasted just over three years cracking on the seat not near the hinges but where one sits so should be able to take an adults weight at this price .

  15. Hi
    Your website has been very revealingly. Our Axa One seat has not broken yet but it has come loose several times. It has also yellowed badly. I decided to buy the Duravit seat you recommended. In the Duravit fittings there-are 2 M5 x 35mm bolts which are used to bolt the fixing plate to the toilet. I assume you replaced these bolts with the M6 x80mm bolts which enabled you to use the existing rectangular washer and nut the clamp the Duravit fitting to the toilet. Is this correct?

  16. Many thanks for this info as I too have a weak AXA one toilet seat which has now broken the hinge. Before I purchase the Duravit, can I just confirm that it is a direct replacement? The holes are 240mm apart and the Duravit are quoted as 270mm so am hesitant but am sure I definitely do not want to go with AXA if I really don’t have too!

    Again thanks for highlighting this for everyone, it is very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Daniel, All I can say is that the version I ordered, product code 0006389, fit perfectly well. There was a bit of wiggle room to fit the seat. Good luck!

  17. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and even a great solution to the problem! I was about to buy another Axa seat when I luckily found this site.

    I just installed the Duravit seat on a Axa One Vaso edition, and it worked like a charm. It was even easier than I thought, too — the whole operation was done in 20-30 minutes.

    To me, the replacement looks better than the original. It’s even more comfortable to sit on. And it’s significantly more affordable, too.

    Thanks again for sharing this! It’s appreciated. Greetings from Norway.

    Kind regards,

  18. My Stream II seat does not unclip very easily and does not make good contact with the ceramic rim.. On measuring up I can see the problem: With the fittings rotated to give minimum distance between the two spikes this is approximately 209mm. Meanwhile the distance between the receiving holes on the lid is 207 mm. Hence with a 2 mm mismatch it is a tight fit, very difficult to remove, and I suspect will also put a lot of strain on the hinges, which perhaps explains the problems others have had with Stream II lid breaking at the hinges.
    It seems that either:
    1. The holes in the ceramic toilet itself are too far apart.
    2. The fittings are wrong.
    3. The holes in the seat are too close.
    I have emailed crosswater UK for advice and will let you know.

    Martyn Richards

  19. After nearly four years the duravit starck 3 seat I’ve had no problems, the underside has some slight yellowing but nowhere near as bad as the Bauhaus Stream 2.

  20. Does anybody know if the soft close part can be replaced or is a new seat the only option?
    The soft close for the seat works fine but the soft close for the lid is almost non existent.

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